Employment and Volunteer Opportunities

We are actively recruiting for the following open positions:

We are accepting ongoing applications for the following positions:

We are not currently accepting applications for the following positions. However job descriptions are posted below for your reference.

Please check back regularly for future job openings at MPD! Click here to contact the MPD Human Resources Department.

Hiring Process

Metropolitan Public Defender will hire the best qualified candidate for a position. MPD is an equal opportunity employer, and we will make an effort to recruit candidates from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Applicants are screened based on applicable experience and education. We will hire only those who are U.S. Citizens or lawfully authorized alien workers. Metropolitan Public Defender does not tolerate any form of harassment or violence in the workplace.

Our hiring process involves a paper screen, an initial interview, and a final interview. Incomplete application packages will not be considered for initial interviews. Initial interviews will only be scheduled for applicants deemed most qualified for our firm. Not all applicants will be granted a final interview.

Only attorney applicants who have already taken the Oregon Bar Exam will be eligible for job offers.

Please notify our Human Resources Department at 503-225-9100 if you require special disability accommodations to participate in the employment process.

Employees regularly scheduled to work at least 20 hours each week (.5 FTE) are eligible to participate in the firm’s benefit plans. Temporary and replacement employees are not eligible for benefits.

The firm’s 125 Plan includes medical, dental, additional life insurance, as well as health and dependent care flexible spending accounts. Effective January 1, 2018, MPD will provide $750.18 per month per employee assigned an FTE greater than or equal to .5 to be used within the 125 Plan. Employees hired after January 1, 2003, are not eligible for a cash payment in lieu of benefits.

Metropolitan Public Defender has an agreement with
AFSCME Public Defenders Local No. 3668, Council 75, AFL-CIO. It excludes temporary employees, such as Certified Law Students and those employees who are supervisory or confidential as defined by the National Labor Relations Act.

All employees hired after December 5, 2002, shall be required to pay dues as determined by the Union, or be required to make “fair share” payments, after their first 30 days of employment as a condition of continued employment with MPD.